Hi, I’m Jason Berry, the inventor and founder of RaceDots. I’m an independent filmmaker, have been making sport documentaries for the past 20 years and have been racing bikes for just as long. I ride mountain, road, and cyclocross.

Over the years I have had countless conversations with other athletes about the lack of decent alternatives to safety pins. I began experimenting with magnets that lock together and realized I was on to something. Once I shared the idea with fellow cyclists and runners, I knew it was worth pursuing. I sincerely hope you like my idea and will consider giving RaceDots a try.

Please follow us on social media as we won't be updating the website on a weekly basis like we will in S.M. Our goals include breaking the 100 stores mark for retailers carrying RaceDots - please e-mail if you'd like to carry our products.


The Campaign

I knew that RaceDots would appeal to a wide segment of athletes, so I turned to you—runners and walkers and cyclists of all kinds—to make RaceDots happen. I used the on-line crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise the funds I needed to bring RaceDots to market. And, boy, did you respond! I more than doubled my $30,000 fundraising goal by raising just over $69,000 in a little over a month. In the process, RaceDots became the third most-funded sports-related campaign on Indiegogo to date! Now RaceDots are patented and we ship around the world daily.