2017 Ambassador Program

**Runners and Cyclists! Be a RaceDots Ambassador!** We are selecting 20 people, you will get free product, a t-shirt and discount for your social media followers! You must be racing at least 5 times before Christmas and be active on social media. To apply e-mail and tell us why you'd be a great ambassador! Selections made in 2 weeks (June 14)

**Runners and Cyclists! Be a RaceDots Ambassador!**
We are selecting 20 people, you will get free product, a t-shirt and discount for your social media followers! You must be racing at least 5 times before Christmas and be active on social media. To apply e-mail and tell us why you'd be a great ambassador! Selections made in 2 weeks (June 14)


Ring Magnets

New Policy: If you break a ring magnet please e-mail us a photo and we will send you a replacement(s) at our cost.

20 Colors!

Now RaceDots® come in 20 colors! We're working hard to bring even more on board soon.

Special Announcement Coming Soon!

We know that April 1st is not the best day to make a special announcement, so we'll wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, we'll just leave this here to pique your curiosity.

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Twitter Chat with World Champion Ultra Runner Michael Wardian Wed, March 4 8PM EST

RaceDots is proud to announce that will be hosting a Twitter chat tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4th at 8pm EST with World Champion Ultra Runner and newly appointed RaceDots athlete Michael Wardian. Michael is an accomplished athlete and was recently named USATF Master Ultra Runner of the Year for 2014 (Road & Trail). His recent overall win at the North Face Endurance Challenge 80k in Peru last weekend was his first victory wearing RaceDots, and he was thrilled to finish without a single hole in his running kit.

Follow @mikewardian and @racedots and tweet us your questions with the hashtag #racedotschat so you can learn more about Michael and his exceptional career.

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RaceDots Sponsors World Champion Ultra Runner Michael Wardian

RaceDots is very excited to announce our signing of 50k World Champion Ultra Runner Michael Wardian as our first brand ambassador.

Jason, our founder, thought Michael Wardian, who is an Arlington, VA resident would be the perfect strategic ambassador for the product.  

“It’s hard to get anyone to change a bad habit, but that’s exactly what we are trying to do. Every competitive runner and cyclist around the globe automatically expects to use safety pins, yet everyone dislikes them. They destroy and stain expensive workout clothing. Our goal is to use the exposure Michael Wardian receives as he competes internationally to show runners that there is now an effective alternative to using pins.”  - Jason Berry

Michael is eager to promote the product. “I am thrilled to have discovered RaceDots as a simple, practical, cost-effective and reusable alternative to safety pins for affixing my bib numbers to my kit. I am really excited to work with a local startup and Jason and his team have been amazingly supportive. I can’t wait to compete around the world using RaceDots.”

RaceDots had a solid first year of sales topping $200,000. That success has not stopped us from evolving. Not only will there be an array of bright, new colors and designs beginning in April, all second-generation RaceDots will use a larger and more durable backing magnet to make separating the front and back pieces much easier. RaceDots will also begin offering packs of four with a friendlier entry price point of $19.99 to replace the original five-packs.



Tell your LBS/LRS to carry RaceDots!

Wholesale Updates

We've lowered our minimum order quantities for wholesale orders, so anyone looking to carry RaceDots can have a lower entry point. We're sure your customers will love them! Shoot us an e-mail to for information about wholesale orders.

To support our retailers, we're also developing in-store marketing materials including a point-of-purchase display. Magnets offer a unique merchandising challenge, so we're hoping this offers a great space-saving countertop solution. 

We now have distribution in Canada through Podium Imports, and we hope to establish distribution in Europe, Australia and South America soon.

New Products

We've been busy developing new products at RaceDots! We know that there's a challenge in applying RaceDots when you don't have the garment you're going to wear on. Cyclists know what that's all about. So we have a working prototype of an applicator and are developing another. We will announce when we plan to take them to production. 

Marine Corp Marathon

We know summer is winding down, so the cycling season will be wrapping up soon. But that means fall running races and cyclocross -- woo hoo! If you'll be running the Marine Corp Marathon here in Washington, D.C. in October, be sure to stop by the RaceDots booth at the Expo!

Don't Ruin Your Race Clothing

A pivotal moment in beginning conceptualization of RaceDots came during cyclocross season a couple of years ago. Jason, our founder, had bought a custom skinsuit for racing. Many know well—and those who don't should—skinsuits are pricey. It takes a serious investment of cash and a serious commitment to race to buy one. After only a few races of the season (In cyclocross many people race multiple races in one day, sometimes both days of one weekend) his skinsuit already had several giant holes from the safety pins he used for his race number. He didn't want to make the holes any worse by re-using them, but didn't want to completely shred the garment by making new ones. That skinsuit needed to last through the whole season, so what to do?

As a runner I faced my own conundrum. One of my favorite parts of racing is getting a new outfit as my go-to for the races of that season. I wear worn out, faded, too-big clothes to run in every day, but on race day I wanna look and feel good. One of may favorite race day tops is the Lululemon Run: Swiftly (tank, tee, whatever). The fabric of that shirt, is a well-ventilated open weave, as it is on many technical shirts, which is nice and stretchy but still lightweight and delicate. The first time I raced in my Swiftly at the Philly marathon I remember the awful feeling I had removing my number after the race and pulling out a 1-inch thread as the tip of the safety pin exited the hole. I had always thought that safety pin tips were perfectly pointy, but one stick through a delicate fabric and you'll learn that they really are not! 

What if it's chilly and raining in you want to wear a water-resistant jacket to race in? You want to stick holes through that? That Jingle Bell 5K at Christmas where you'd like to wear a cozy, thermal jacket? Nuh-uh. 


RaceDots mean you don't have to decide between either being comfortable or not ruining a favorite piece of clothing. 


High-end, technical clothing manufacturers—you all should be paying attention! We love your stuff, but we're not going to ruin it to race! 

Two companies that seems to get it are Panache Cyclewear and Castelli. They make beautiful high-end cycling clothing as well as custom team kits, and we were proud to make custom RaceDots for them recently. When it comes time to print your team kit for next year, give them a look.

And if you're tired of making swiss cheese out of your most cherished workout pieces, give RaceDots a try!


We Biked to the Beach!

This past weekend several member of our cycling team participated in Bike to Beach, a charity ride from Washington, DC to Dewey Beach, DE that benefits Autism Speaks. We braved 104 miles, crashes, rain, and liquid fertilizer to reach Dewey tired but happy.

Read the full report from the team's blog here.

RaceDots Racing: Bike to the Beach

Next week, several members of our cycling team will be pedaling 104 miles from D.C. to Dewey Beach, DE in Bike to the Beach, a cycling event that raises money and awareness for autism and benefits Autism Speaks as well as local partners. We were introduced to the event by our friends at Lindsay Volkswagen in Sterling, VA and are proud to be participating. If you are someone touched by autism, please consider a donation to my fundraising effort: my fundraising page.

Win a RaceDots tee signed by Bernie Eisel

We are big fans of pro cyclist Bernie Eisel so it sorta pains us to do this, but we are offering the chance to win this RaceDots t-shirt signed by Bernie himself! Anyone who purchases a set of RaceDots from between now and midnight Saturday, July 12th will be entered into a random drawing. If you've been waiting to buy RaceDots, now is the time to get them!

Sorry, ladies, he is married now, but he did touch the t-shirt.

Sorry, ladies, he is married now, but he did touch the t-shirt.