How to Use RaceDots: It's a Wrap!

You get your brand spanking new RaceDots in the mail. You impatiently cut the plastic open to get at them. You pry your first RaceDot off the cardboard hangcard, noticing how strong the magnetic force is, but you fumble a little with the small pieces and...whap! The RaceDot immediately flies out of your fingers and sticks to one of the other RaceDots in the pack. 

Oh, how we've been there! After all of the time spent developing RaceDots and testing magnets of various sizes and strengths, we have had our fair share of magnet fails, too. Putting a 10-pack down on a picnic table only to realize when we try to pick it up that the table is metal. Dropping one of the back pieces that rolls under a couch and undoubtedly gets stuck on a metal piece, never to be seen again.

Rare-earth magnets are crazy-strong and take a little practice to handle with skill. Most folks have probably never held such strong magnets in their hands before! That's why we've produce a little how-to video to teach you some of the tips and tricks we've learned to handle RaceDots if you've never used them before. And we just wrapped filming of the video, so be sure to watch out for it soon! We've also created a new page on our site with further tips.

How about you? Do you have a trick to putting on RaceDots!?