Made in the USA?

From the beginning of the RaceDots adventure, we've been open about the manufacturing of our product. Yes, RaceDots are made in China, but we recognize that this is not the most desirable option. Product sourcing is a complicated animal and there are many factors to consider when making choices about sourcing and manufacturing. Cost, of course, is a large element. Availability of what you need. Quality. Etc.

The current iteration of RaceDots—after a long process of R&D—makes us pretty happy. The design is great. They look beautiful. The printing of our graphics is even better than we anticipated. But we know that we're not quite done. Like any product, we will continue to improve and refine RaceDots. 

One improvement we'd like to make is to ultimately manufacture RaceDots in the U.S. We believe it can be done; we just have to find the right parts at the right price of the quality that we expect.

We have and will continue to research that possibility, getting samples and doing test runs with companies here in the U.S. We have the baseline of our current product and will only make choices that meet or exceed that standard.

In the meantime, we're happy to say that we have moved assembly in-house, having RaceDots parts shipped here to Virginia. We can't quite say "made in USA" yet, but assembly is happening here with many parts sourced domestically. This is a really big step that will reduce shipping costs and decrease turnaround time, particularly for custom orders. We're working more hours than ever, but it's totally worth it!