RaceDots Sponsors World Champion Ultra Runner Michael Wardian

RaceDots is very excited to announce our signing of 50k World Champion Ultra Runner Michael Wardian as our first brand ambassador.

Jason, our founder, thought Michael Wardian, who is an Arlington, VA resident would be the perfect strategic ambassador for the product.  

“It’s hard to get anyone to change a bad habit, but that’s exactly what we are trying to do. Every competitive runner and cyclist around the globe automatically expects to use safety pins, yet everyone dislikes them. They destroy and stain expensive workout clothing. Our goal is to use the exposure Michael Wardian receives as he competes internationally to show runners that there is now an effective alternative to using pins.”  - Jason Berry

Michael is eager to promote the product. “I am thrilled to have discovered RaceDots as a simple, practical, cost-effective and reusable alternative to safety pins for affixing my bib numbers to my kit. I am really excited to work with a local startup and Jason and his team have been amazingly supportive. I can’t wait to compete around the world using RaceDots.”

RaceDots had a solid first year of sales topping $200,000. That success has not stopped us from evolving. Not only will there be an array of bright, new colors and designs beginning in April, all second-generation RaceDots will use a larger and more durable backing magnet to make separating the front and back pieces much easier. RaceDots will also begin offering packs of four with a friendlier entry price point of $19.99 to replace the original five-packs.