RaceDots Arranger

RaceDots Arranger


Verb: To put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order. The RaceDots Arranger keeps your 'dots where you want them. It makes using RaceDots a breeze, even on the tightest of skin suits. Made of hypo-allergenic silicone, the 'ranger has a soft, stretchy and grippy feel. A matrix of pockets accept the ring magnets where needed and allow the user to quickly position their bib either while wearing a garment or laid out before wearing. It is designed to be worn just under your jersey or shirt, flat against the skin or base layer with magnet pockets facing out. Holes in the pockets allow the dimpled base of the top RaceDot to interlock and hold your bib in place. One size to fit bibs from around the globe. 215mm x 195mm x 1mm (5mm pocket height) Weight: 44g

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User Tips:

Start by placing your bib (number) on top of the Arranger and decide where you want your RaceDots to go. Then take the ring magnet off the bottom of your RaceDots and pop them into the pocket where the RaceDot will connect. Be sure the polarity is facing the correct direction or else your RaceDot will not connect. It helps to stuff one side in first then pull the Arranger pocket to allow the other side to pop in. This takes a little practice but the silicone is very stretchy so go ahead and tug on it.

Once you have all your ring magnets in place you should double check that the corresponding tops will in fact connect and no ring magnets need to be flipped over.

Place the Arranger under your top layer, place the number on top as you would normally. Then apply the top of each RaceDot, lining them up with each pocket containing a ring magnet. You can do this while either wearing your garment or while it laying flat (good for photos - be sure to tag us!). If you do this with a skin suit you still have to move slowly when putting the suit on but it's much easier now with the Arranger. Not to mention if there is any bunching it's easy to pull apart and not have the ring magnets go flying around the room (or porta-john).

As always the key is to move slow and practice a bit - BEFORE race day! Remember, you will be tired, anxious and impatient on race day, best to practice this a few times before being rushed. Then go and crush that race!