It was bound to happen: production delay

We are updating you today with some unfortunate news:  We have to add a one-month delay to our production schedule. We did not anticipate a month-long break for the Chinese New Year at the factory where our manufacturing is being done. We were aware of the holiday, but not of the scope of impediment it would prove to our timeline. We also had a miscommunication about what “reflective” actually meant (language barrier) and spent a week working that out. The reflective dots will be printed on 3M reflective paper – an additional cost for us but worth the result. We apologize for these delays. We have been excited all along that everything has been going so well and we had been on or ahead of schedule. We got ahead of ourselves, and we have been humbled by it.

The good news is that, aside from the time delay, everything is moving forward and we are taking additional steps to ensure the highest possible quality. A few more fantastic custom orders have come in from groups we’re really excited to be working with. In just a day or two we will open the racedots website for pre-ordering but rest assured the best deals came to those who supported us on Indiegogo.

On another note, we have only ** 4 days remaining** till we have to shut down the BackerKit surveys to choose your perk options and confirm shipping. Most of you are all squared away, and we really appreciate the patience you’ve shown in dealing with glitches or mistakes. But we still have not heard from about 100+ people. Even if you did not choose a perk that requires a color choice, we still need you to confirm your shipping address. We don’t want to waste time or shipping costs due to incorrect or incomplete mailing addresses, so make sure you’re completing that last step when filling out your survey. If you have not received the invite to backerkit, e-mail us at