The Hard Part: Waiting

Now for the hard part–waiting. We’re very anxious to get our RaceDots in our hands (we know many of you are, too). But there’s not much we can to do to push the process forward. And so, during this unplanned downtime we are taking steps to eliminate any potential problems that may arise. We plan to hire a product specialist inspect the shipment before leaving the factory to help ensure there will be no further delays. We are also currently working with our fulfillment house here in Virginia to make sure that process goes as efficiently as possible once the Dots land.

Our web shop is now open for pre-orders: RaceDots for our campaign backers will be shipped first, and then we will begin shipping all pre-orders. Help us spread the word, and we promise to keep uploading content to facebook and twitter as we bring on exciting new clients (like custom dots for the Audi Cycling Team and VW, posting soon).